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What if my tickets do not arrive on time?
We endeavor to deliver your tickets between 3-5 working days, in accordance with the guidelines of our post office.

Our delivery process always tries to contact you to arrange the date and time of delivery, always doing two visits to your correspondence address.

If you have not received your tickets, please contact us. If definitely your tickets were not delivered and there were no two visits, your money will be refunded.

What do "Unable to obtain the tickets you requested" and "Location sold out" mean?
When the system cannot find a sufficient number of tickets available, you receive the following message:

" Other clients may be in the process of completing your transaction with all remaining tickets, or “number of tickets requested is greater than the maximum of available seats.” Please try to reduce the number of entries you have selected, or try again. When tickets are no longer available, the event will be displayed as sold out."

This message appears when there isn’t a sufficient number of tickets to comply with your request for adjacent seats, for example. You have requested 4 tickets but there are no more than 3 seats next to each other in the place, or all tickets have been selected by existing customers and are in the process of completing their transaction. The event is only shown as "Sold Out," when all transactions of all available tickets on Tu Boleta have been sold out; sometimes, a client cannot complete his/her transaction and the tickets are released again for another customer to select.

How do I find an event?
There are several ways to find the event of your choice on our website:
• Click on the corresponding image at the home page to access the information of the event or
• Click on the date you are looking for in the schedule or
• Use the search box at the top of the page to write any word on this case or
• Select a category or search location and click GO.

How I can find a venue?
• Select the Venues tab at the top of the page.
• Click on Places to go to the Site Map page.
• Click on State to see the Branches in the region.
• You can also click on each event instead of seeing more information.
• Some pages may contain a virtual tour and map of seats there. As seating arrangements may change without previous notice, the Maps of the Place should be used only as a guide.

How can I find an Outlet?
• Select the Outlets tab.
• Click on your department to see a list of our Outlets in your region. Portal Features

What are the main features of the site?
• Information of the entertainment's biggest stars and the best places that give you the ability to play videos and images of your favorite stars.
• Social networking features like Invite a Friend and Book Chairs.
• The easy browsing through the website makes the buying process easier and more intuitive.
• Friendly functionalities allow quick and intuitive browsing including:
- The main browsing menu has been significantly improved by using tabs and pull-down menus.
- Search function including an integrated calendar.
- The seven most popular genres are displayed on the home page as tabs.
- Quick links: provide links to other related websites.

How can I make a suggestion?
Please fill out the Contact Us form located on the website by accessing the Help menu.

What are the social networking features of the Web Portal?
The website integrates different characteristics of social networks such as Book a Chair, Invite a Friend and the 'marker' Share (please refer to the Privacy Policy on the use of the function). These social networking features provide the tools to share your interests among your circle of friends, and even reserve seats for events where the function (Book a Chair) is available.

What is Web 2.0?
Web 2.0 refers to the generation of internet-based services - such as social networking sites, wikis and communication tools. Web 2.0 is an interactive service that allows people to collaborate (and share information online).

How I can share my favorite event with my friends?
The event page will give you the following options to share an event:
• Tell a Friend
• The ' Share' function is used to share our content on over 50 social networking locations.

Is it necessary to update the software to see the new website?
You need to have the latest version of Flash Player to view the video/audio. You can download your free version of Flash Player from Adobe Acrobat by clicking "Download Flash Player."

How do you play videos on the new Portal?
Note that not all events have a video. For events where the video is available for viewing, here's how to use it:
• On the main page:
o Select the event.
o Select the Gallery tab.
o Click on the Video button and,
o Click on the play button (triangle with a circle).
• From the event page:
o Click on the video button and,
o Click on the play button (triangle with a circle).

Can I Download videos from the Portal?
No. The copyright laws prohibit downloading videos.

How can I see several pictures?
Note that not all events have a gallery of images. To see the pictures, follow the steps below:
• Select the event.
• Click on the Gallery tab.
• Click on the Photos button.
• Click on the image to enlarge it.

Is TU BOLETA Portal compatible with my browser?
The website has been designed to be compatible with PC and MAC platforms with the following browsers:
• Microsoft Internet Explorer
• Safari
• Firefox
• Opera

Who can I contact if my question is not on the list of frequently asked questions?
Please fill out the Contact Us form located on the website on Help.

Buy Tickets on

Step 1 - Login to VIVE TU BOLETA
To purchase tickets online, you must be a member of Vive Tu Boleta. If you are not currently a member, join Vive Tu Boleta Now! It is a free online membership that offers a multitude of benefits.

Step 2 - Search for an event
Find the event of your interest.

Tips for Searching
• Choose any of the gender tabs on the homepage; you will see a selection of recommended events. Click on a picture or a link to buy tickets or for more information.
• Enter keyword or event in the 'Search' bar and click 'Go'. It will display a list of events that match your search criteria, or
• Select the event type from the pull-down menu 'Category' and click on 'Go', or
• Select a region from the pull-down menu of 'Region' and click on 'Go'.
• Use the calendar function to select a date from the function and click 'Go'.
When you find the event you want to attend, click on 'Buy Now' to purchase your tickets.

Step 3 - Purchase Tickets
• Select your place, preferred location, date and time of the function.
• Make sure all information is correct, select the number of tickets you wish to purchase and choose the preferred delivery method.
Then click on continue to the payment page to purchase.

Step 4 - Complete the purchase of tickets.
Detailed information about the purchase of the ticket will be displayed in the payment form. If it is the first time you buy tickets on, you will be prompted to enter your address to complete the purchase.
You will be asked to read and accept Terms of Purchase of Tu Boleta before proceeding with the transaction. To complete your purchase, click on the 'Make Payment'.

> Important note: If your application is not completed in 8 minutes, tickets will be released back for sale. If you abandon the payment form page during the transaction, your tickets will be released for sale automatically if you do not come back and complete your purchase before the end of the period of 8 minutes.

Payment Methods

Credit Card
Debit Card: With PSE, centralized and standardized system developed by ACH COLOMBIA, whereby banks provide the ability for users to make payments via internet, debiting the resources of the bank where the user has his/her money and depositing them in the account of TUBOLETA.

What do I have to do to make online payments?
Check with your bank how to enroll your account for electronic transactions on the Internet.
Who supports this online payment system?
This payment system was designed for all ACH Financial Institutions partners in Colombia. For more information visit
If I pay online and receive the message “transaction in confirmation with the Financial Institution"?
First, check with your bank if it made the debit from your account. In this case the system will confirm the payment with the bank a few minutes later; if the debit was not made, please try to pay a few minutes later as the bank confirms the rejection of the transaction.

What can I do if I close the window or the internet connection goes down when making the payment?
The system is designed to provide security in this case. If the debit was made, the bank confirms payment even though you are not connected to the Internet. In this case, first check with your bank if the debit was made and then, enter the purchase history of to check if the transaction was updated. Remember, if the debit was made in the bank, you do NOT need to redo the transaction on, after a few minutes the system will update with the bank's response.

What do I get as a support payment made on the Internet?
First, when you debit from your bank it generates a voucher; then, when you click to return to the Company, the payment system must generate a receipt of the payment made, there, you will find the option to print.
How do I get proof of the payment if the internet connection goes down or if I forget to print it?
In this case, re-enter the payment system and select the "Check Transactions" there you can view and print your proof of payment.

Who can collect or receive the tickets purchased by PSE?
The only person authorized to receive the tickets is the person who is registered on page and who was the one that performed the registration and selection of tickets on our website.

Step 5 - Confirmation of Purchase

After successfully completing your purchase, you will be issued a purchase confirmation page and an email will be sent to your registered email address to confirm the details of your transaction.
If you have any difficulty with the purchase process, please contact us.

Selecting A Chair - Includes Seat Selection, Wheelchair Access, View To The Stage

Can I choose a seat in specific?
When booking online, you cannot choose the location of your seat. We sell tickets with a location algorithm giving you the "next best option available." This means that for each event, tickets are available from the best seats in accordance with the information supplied by the promoter.

By selecting your location, the tickets assigned to you have the best position available at the location chosen at that time.

Please note we act as a ticket agent on behalf of the scenarios and the promoters. We have little or no role in pricing decisions. All seats are sold in good faith and in accordance with the directions of the promoter of the event.

What is a restricted view?
The restricted viewpoint refers to seats that have a partial view to the stage or function. Obstruction varies depending on the event.

How can I make a request for wheelchair access or special requests?
If you have special seating requirements such as wheelchair access, hearing difficulties or that require an accompaniment, please Contact Us at 593 63 00.

Alternatively you can contact us online at Contact Us from the web portal.

Most special seating arrangements should be made through the venue and the promoter directly. Whenever possible, we will book the tickets for you or we will advise on how to proceed with this request.

Is it possible to find a better location days before the event?
Sometimes there are seats that are released around the time of the event. Promoters sometimes ask a number of entries for promotional purposes. These tickets are released when not required by the developer and generally, given to us to be sold to the public. We are a ticket sales company working on behalf of the promoters and according to their instructions. There are no guarantees.

Your Account On VIVE TU BOLETA - Registration, Preferences Administration And Data Update

How can I log in?
• Select VIVE TU BOLETA tab located at the top of the page.
• Then select Register.
• You can also subscribe to receive our weekly newsletter VIVE TU BOLETA in your email and our special offers. Simply tell us what interests you and we'll keep you updated.
• Do not forget you can upgrade your account returning to the area VIVE TU BOLETA.

How can I change my email address?
To update your email address data:
• Select VIVE TU BOLETA tab located at the top of the page.
• Then, go to VIVE TU BOLETA with your email address and password.
• Once you are logged in, update your information.
• Once completed, click Update to save the changes.

How can I change my password?
• Login to your account VIVE TU BOLETA using your email address and existing password.
• In the menu VIVE TU BOLETA, click Change Password.
• Enter the required information in the appropriate fields.
• Click Update to save your changes.

How to unsubscribe from the emails of TU BOLETA?

If you are a member of VIVE TU BOLETA and wish to unsubscribe:
• Click VIVE TU BOLETA tab located at the top of the page.
• Click unsubscribe.
• Once you have updated your information, click unsubscribe to confirm you wish to stop receiving the online email newsletter.
• Click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

How do I subscribe to receive emails and SMS of TU BOLETA?
Subscribe to receive our emails and SMS, and you can be the first to know about the latest special offers, exclusive online presales and receive the weekly newsletter VIVE TU BOLETA with all the latest entertainment news.

If you are a member of VIVE TU BOLETA and you wish to subscribe:
• Click on the tab VIVE TU BOLETA located at the top of the page.
• Click on Update Details.
• Select Gender Preferences.
• Check the boxes to select communications you wish to receive.
• Once you have updated your information, click on Update to confirm.

I'm having trouble accessing and cannot recover my password using the Forgot your Password option?
If you have multiple logins on VIVE TU BOLETA with the same personal data you may find that some of them are not working.

If so, you can:
• Click on VIVE TU BOLETA tab located at the top of the page
• Click on Forgot your Password?
• Write each of your known accounts on VIVE TU BOLETA and click on Submit.
• If you are successful with one of the user names, please use this user name to access VIVE TU BOLETA.
• If you can find an account of VIVE TU BOLETA, please click here to register on VIVE TU BOLETA.

Delivery and Delivery Services

Delivery service
Terms of delivery: TU BOLETA will only send by delivery the tickets to the registered address of the holder of the credit card. Tickets won’t be sent to PO Boxes. If you have purchased tickets with special discounts, you will be asked to present a valid proof of the right to receive the discount and ID with photo. The tickets purchased at a pre- sale will not be shipped until the sale to general public or when the promoter authorizes the delivery of tickets. There are five shipping options:

• Home Delivery Bogota
• Home Delivery Medellin
• Home Delivery Cali
• Home Delivery Barranquilla

Tickets delivery and delivery service

Delivery service
TU BOLETA uses a shipping service company that can take up to 3 working days for the tickets delivery depending on mobility. Remember that delivery of tickets will depend on the promoter of the event, who will indicate when the tickets can be delivered.

For homes in the city of Bogota, you can choose to receive your ticket in the following ways:
If you purchase before 3:00 in the afternoon, the delivery will be done between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. within the three working days following the completion of the purchase.
If your purchase is made after 3:00 p.m., the delivery will be done between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m., within the three working days following the completion of the purchase.

NOTE: Working days are understood as Monday to Friday.

• Home delivery in Bogota, Service in the MORNING (Value $12,000).
Home or office, two to three business days after purchase. Service delivery is in the MORNING.

• Home Delivery in Bogota, Service in the AFTERNOON (Value $12,000).
Home or office, two to three business days after purchase. Service delivery is in the AFTERNOON.

• Please note that for your security, TU BOLETA only makes delivery of the tickets to the cardholder presenting ID and card at the time of delivery.

• Remember that TU BOLETA will conduct only two visits to make the delivery of tickets, if after these two visits it has not been possible to deliver, you will have to direct to an outlet to claim your tickets and the value of the home delivery will not be refunded, understanding the service as provided.

Delivery services in Medellin
Deliveries in the city of Medellin will be sent within the first 3 working days after the purchase, delivery is made from 8 a.m.-6 p.m., from Monday to Friday.

Delivery services in Cali
Deliveries in the city of Cali will be sent within the first 3 working days after the purchase, delivery is made from 8 a.m.-6 p.m., from Monday to Friday.

Delivery services in Barranquilla
Deliveries in the city of Barranquilla will be sent within the first 3 working days after the purchase, delivery is made from 8 a.m.-6 p.m., from Monday to Friday.

Delivery in other cities
Deliveries in other cities will be made within the 5 working days after the purchase; delivery is made from 8 a.m.-6 p.m., from Monday to Friday.

Click here for service coverage.

Tickets delivery in retail outlets or box offices (not available at EXITO stores)
Delivery terms: As part of the conditions of the sale, the only person authorized to claim the ticket is the holder of the credit card. Tickets will not be given to persons other than the holder of the credit card. You are required to present your credit card and photo ID to pick up the tickets. If you have purchased tickets with special discounts, you will be asked to present a valid proof of the right to receive the discount. The tickets purchased at a presale will not be delivered until the sale to the general public or the promoter authorizes the delivery of tickets.

• Tickets removal at outlets
• Tickets removal at the box office of the event

Print it at Home
Print it at Home is only available for specific events.

• How can I see my ticket on PDF file?
• How can I use my ticket to enter the event?
• What if I have a problem with my ticket?
• I am a Mac user and my ticket does not have a barcode.
• What if someone makes a copy of my electronic ticket?
• Will this Print it at Home option be available for other events?


How I can see my ticket on PDF file?
Within a short period after the purchase, you should receive an email from TU BOLETA containing the tickets on PDF format - you will receive a PDF attachment for each ticket you purchased. Open each attachment using Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.0 or later (download the latest free version of Acrobat Reader here) and bend your ticket, twice as shown in the instructions on the ticket. If you ordered more than one ticket, each one is in an attachment to the email separately and must be printed separately.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader, download the latest free version of this program for here.

Protect your ticket - Print it at home
Please treat your PDF ticket like cash or any other value. If there are multiple copies of any ticket on PDF, only the first scanned copy will be admitted at the entrance of the event. Thereafter, any additional copies scanned by a reader to enter into our system will look like "Second Entry." Do not give copies of your ticket to others.

Please fold your ticket before reaching the entrance door.

How can I use my ticket to enter the event?
The day of the event, simply take your printed ticket with you as you would with an ordinary ticket. Make sure you have a separate printed ticket for each person attending. There is a ticket per each attached file and will be printed at A4 size on a single page. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the ticket and this will be scanned at the entrance of the event.

Simply, print your tickets, fold them upwards and go to one of the doors to have it scanned.

Important: Make sure your ticket is printed A4 format (select the printing size from the printer options); only print your ticket with laser or injection printer.

What happens if I have a problem with my ticket?
If you lose your PDF ticket you can:
Reprint it or send us an email with an explanation of this and requesting a new ticket to be sent to the informed email at the moment of the purchase. For this, click on “Help” from TU BOLETA’s webpage and then select “Contact Us.” Next, select “Replace ticket – print it at home” as your type of consult. Make sure you inform all details of your initial purchase (that means date of purchase, case, confirmation and account number) to help us reemitting your ticket(s).

Have into account that we cannot deliver your electronic ticket.

I am a user of Mac and my ticket does not have a bar code
The default program for PDF on Mac OS X cannot display the bar code of the ticket; If you are a user of Mac, you will have to:

• Select save your PDF file in the disc.
• Open your ticket with ADOBE READER Version 8.0 or later. Download the latest free version here.
• Print ticket

What happens if someone makes a copy of my electronic ticket?
You can make a safety copy of your ticket; nevertheless, your bar code is unique and allows one single entry. If several copies are made, the first person arriving with the ticket at the event will be able to enter.

For example, if you buy a ticket for you and your friend and instead of making another copy you decide to photocopy the first one, your friend will be denied the entrance since his ticket has the same bar code as yours. On the other hand, if you decide to buy an electronic ticket from an ambulant seller, you will not have guarantees that different copies were printed and sold to other people.

If a problem with the electronic ticket rises, you will be asked an ID with picture and the credit card used, to confirm your identity and the right to enter the event.

Do not buy tickets to unknown groups – They may not be legitimate.

Will this Print it at Home option be available for other events?

This option is nowadays available for preselected events. Nonetheless, TU BOLETA, along with promoters and scenarios, is considering increasing the number of events with the Print it at Home option.

Print Your Ticket At Home

What is Print it at Home?
Print it at home gives you maximum comfort when buying event tickets online. Your ticket is sent by email so you can print it at your convenience. Each ticket has a unique encrypted bar code that is validated at the entrance of the events and allows fake bills spotting.

It is important to take into account that when you choose the shipping method, no change or refund will be made.

How can I buy with Print it at Home?
To acquire a ticket by Print it at Home you must:

• Use internet’s web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, Firefox 1.0 or later, for PC, Safari 1.3 or later, for Mac.
• The electronic ticket* must be bought at our webpage. Caution: Do not accept tickets fron an unknown parts, they may not be legitimate.
• Print it at Home* is available for preselected events.

How can I print my electronic ticket?
To print your electronic ticket you must have:
• Adobe Reader 8.0 or later. Download the latest free version of Adobe here.
• Standard injection printer or laser printer with 300 ppp resolution or superior.
• Keep in mind color printing is not necessary.

How can I set up my Hotmail account to receive ezyTicket?

If you are registered with a Hotmail account, as member of VIVE TU BOLETA please keep in mind the following advices to make sure you receive your electronic ticket without delay.

• If you have filter for spam in your Hotmail account, please make sure the following email addresses are on your safe list:,,, If you do not add them, your ticket can be moved to the bin of your Hotmail account, which will be automatically eliminated after seven days.
• The size of each attached file ranges between 40 KB – 105 KB, so, be sure to have enough space of storage in your account to receive an email of this size.

How can I set up Outlook Express to receive my electronic ticket?

For your tickets to get to your inbox with the attached PDF files, follow the instructions before buying.

• Go to Tools menu.
• Follow Options and go to Security tab.
• Deselect the box that appears next to the following notice: “ Do not permit to save or open attached files that can potentially have a virus.

Your ticket will always appear as an attached PDF file. An attached file name will look like this: 22522-1.pdf

Book A Chair For A Friend – All Information On How To Invite Your Friends To An Event

What is Book a Chair?

Book a Chair allows Vive Tu Boleta clients to book a limited number of adjacent chairs for your friends after having purchased your own chair. This makes easier for somebody to arrange a group of friends to attend an event without having to bother paying in advance.

How does book a chair works?

The client of Vive Tu Boleta selects the event, buys his/her own tickets, select the number of entries to book; and then, enters details and email of his/her friends on the online electronic email of Tu Boleta. Once the transaction is completed Tu Boleta sends an invitation via email to a maximum of 20 of the nominated friends, that further will be able to buy their own booked chairs for the group.

Can anybody book seats for his/her friends?
Yes, Book a Chair is available for customers of Vive Tu Boleta, for selected shows where this service is enabled.

Is Book a Chair enabled for all events?
No, Book a Chair is only available for selected performances where this service is enabled.

How many chairs can I book?
The Vive Tu Boleta customers can buy and book chairs in any combination up to the limit of the tickets for the event. For example, if the limit of the tickets for an event is 10 per person, the Vive Tu Boleta customer could buy two and eight to book or buy four and six to book, and so on.

How many friends I can invite?
The Vive Tu Boleta client can invite up to 20 of his/her friends. The number of chairs on stand-by does not affect the number of invitations that can be sent.

How long are the seats of my friends put on a reserve mode?
The booking period is set (in minutes) individually for each show. Some events may choose a short booking period of thirty minutes or one hour, others prefer to allow reserved seats for several days.

When a Vive Tu Boleta client makes reservations for chairs, Tu Boleta will clearly identify the duration of their seats in reserve. When the customer friends receive their invitation by email, the date and time of the expiration of the reserve will be clearly stated in it.

Are there any limitations on the time of the reservation length?
Seats cannot be reserved within 24 hours before the event. For example, if the reserved set period is 48 hours and sales of the event stop within 30 hours, it is only possible to reserve seats for 6 hours.

Can I use Invite a Friend along with Book a Chair?
These two features are very similar. The key difference is that Book a Chair reserves adjacent seats to the location of the buyer, while Invite a Friend does not. To avoid confusion we have decided to disable Invite a Friend when the client of Vive Tu Boleta uses Book a Chair for a particular transaction.

When the reservation time expires, the chairs are released and back to sale to the general public?
Every minute the system checks whether the time has expired without the reserved tickets being purchased by the guests. The seats will be automatically available for sale immediately.

Can reserved chairs be purchased through other channels?
No, Book a Chair and the respective payment thereof are limited to online transactions only, it means from

I have been invited to buy booked chairs by my friend, how many chairs can I buy?
The seats are sold in the order of entry to the site. A guest can select up to the remaining seats of the maximum allowed for the group. For example, if eight chairs were placed in reserve for the group and two have already been purchased, the following client of Vive Tu Boleta can buy between 1-6 chairs.

Why do my friends (guests) have to purchase one by one?
The website only allows one guest of a group to buy one a time. This ensures that the group stays together when buying the chairs reserved, avoiding the following scenario:
1. Guest A starts buying two chairs in reserve. They will be assigned the chairs closest to the original purchaser.
2. Guest B begins to buy two seats in reserve. They will be assigned the next two seats along (next to Guest A).
3. Guest A changes his/her mind and does not proceed to purchase.
4. Guest B buys the two seats that were assigned at step 2.
5. If no other guests purchase the chairs that guest A tried to buy, the seats will be released for general sale, and the group will remain divided.

Invite A Friend - All The Information About How To Invite Your Friends To Events

Where does this message come from?
The email you received was sent by one of your friends when they bought tickets for an event through the website of Tu Boleta.

Will Tu Boleta store my data?
No, Tu Boleta will not retain your personal information unless you are enrolled as a member of Vive Tu Boleta.

I have received an invitation, but there are no tickets for this event?
An invitation does not guarantee the availability of tickets. The assignment of this show may be sold out.

I cannot find the event I have been invited to on the website of Tu Boleta?
This may be due to:
• The show has been canceled.
• The event may be over.

I sent an invitation, but all or some of my friends did not receive the invitation on their emails.
There are a number of reasons why an email does not reach its recipient, including:
• There is a spelling mistake in the email address.
• The email account where the message was sent to is full.
• The email account where the message was sent is canceled.
• There was a problem with the email server where the message was sent.

Online Auction And Resale Sites - What Can And Cannot Do With Our Tickets

Can I sell tickets through unauthorized auction sellers like eBay or Derremate?
The sale of tickets above its official value through auction sites or any other unauthorized means is a violation of the terms of Tu Boleta and the Conditions of Sale. Any customer who is in breach of these Terms and Conditions may have his/her tickets canceled, Vive Tu Boleta account closed and credit card blacklisted by Tu Boleta.

If you cannot attend an event for legitimate reasons and want to sell your ticket through an online auction site, Tu Boleta will not object to the sale, provided the sale price is no more than the official value of the ticket.

By buying unauthorized places, you are exposed to be cheated by the seller, since you may be paying for stolen, canceled or counterfeit tickets, and at the end you won’t be able to enter the event.

Can I buy tickets to unauthorized sellers such as online auction sites like eBay?
Anyone purchasing tickets for more than their official value through auction sites like eBay takes the risk of being rejected at the event since the ticket may be void or not be authentic from Tu Boleta.

By buying unauthorized places, you are exposed to be cheated by the seller, since you may be paying for stolen, canceled or counterfeit tickets, and at the end you won’t be able to enter the event and you will lose your money.

Why does Tu Boleta void tickets sold by unauthorized sellers such as online auction sites?
Tu Boleta voids tickets for sale on unauthorized sites to counteract the growing threat of resale and price speculation, which limits the access of the public in general. The ticket cancellation policy reduces the resale market, providing a brake to any unauthorized distributor for violating our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Each ticket voided by Tu Boleta is put back on sale to the general public at its original price.

Why is Tu Boleta against resale?
The resale of tickets reduced the reserve of tickets available for the general public, undermines public confidence in the ticketing process, and compromises the ability of the promoters of events to appeal to a wide audience and ensure equitable distribution of tickets to genuine fans.

To counteract this unfair practice, Tu Boleta, in connection with the event promoter, reserves the right to cancel tickets without restitution and to resell them at the original price through authorized sales channels.

What does Tu Boleta do to prevent resale?
Tu Boleta takes seriously the fight against resellers and counterfeiters, and performs the following practices to protect you, the genuine fan, and help educate about the risks:
• We invest heavily in resources and technology to detect and prevent counterfeiting and resellers acquiring tickets.
• Active management of online auction sites and use of sophisticated techniques to identify resellers and void their tickets.
• When Tu Boleta determines the identity of the reseller and the resale has acted in violation of Tu Boleta standard terms and Conditions of Sale, his/her account is terminated, the tickets purchased in violation of the Terms and Conditions of Sale are void and put back on sale to the general public.
• Tu Boleta works closely with promoters, venues and industry organizations to identify operational, technological, and legal solutions to end the resale and reduce counterfeiting.
Unfortunately, online auction sites do not take responsibility for control of fraudulent activity with respect to the sale of tickets on their site, and cannot guarantee the legitimacy of a ticket seller.

Once a client has negotiated with a reseller there's nothing Tu Boleta can do about it.

I have recently purchased the tickets through an online auction site. Will my tickets be canceled?

If you purchased the tickets for more than the nominal value, there is a real risk that your tickets be canceled or are not valid because they are not genuine Tu Boleta tickets.

Tu Boleta can only discuss the details of a ticket, including its validity, with the original purchaser of the ticket. In case of rejection, you should contact the person you bought the ticket from, for the respective refund.

While we understand it can be frustrating when events sell out quickly, we recommend that you do not buy tickets from resellers, because you might end up buying tickets not valid for the entry.

General Questions - General Information About Tu Boleta

Can I buy tickets for different events?
• To buy more than one set of tickets to multiple events, click on "select more tickets" on the payment form.
• You can then add more tickets to your shopping cart and pay for all them at once.
• In some cases, you could only buy a set of tickets to a popular event to ensure the equitable distribution of tickets for the general public.

What if an event is canceled or postponed?
• If an event is canceled or postponed you will have to contact Tu Boleta for a reimbursement. In most cases, tickets must be returned to where they were purchased.
• If you purchased online or through our Call Center, please contact Customer Service for further assistance.
• If the event is postponed, usually, the ticket is valid for entry regardless of the date printed on the ticket.

Why is there a time limit when buying the tickets?
• For popular events, there is a time limit of 8 minutes for all people on the website. Once people leave the website, another can enter. This ensures equal access for ticket sale to clients.
• Once you have selected your ticket(s), there is a time limit of 8 minutes for you to pay for them. After this time, the tickets are back for general sale.
• If the session time expires, you will be notified and will have to access the website again.

Am I eligible for group or corporate purchases?
To be eligible for a group purchase, it is required a minimum of 10-20 people in general; however, this can vary. Group discounts may be offered, but they do not apply to all events. Group Sales are available for selected events and are subject to availability.

Click Here To add yourself to Groups page.

Can I get a refund?
As a condition of sale, there are no returns, exchanges or cancellations once the booking is completed. Please refer to the Terms of Sale of Tu Boleta for more information or contact us for more help. Click Here for more information about reimbursement.

What does the term General Admission mean?
General Admission (GA) is a term used to describe a place where there are no seats for customers. Therefore, strict operating procedures must be met to ensure the safety and control of the public of the event.

The tickets purchased for General admission events cannot be refunded in case you get lost.

How can I sell tickets for my event through Tu Boleta?
With a focus on customer service, innovative products and market-leading technology, with over 18 million tickets and 13,000 events a year in Colombia. If you want your event to be one of them, we'd love to hear from you. Below, there is a list of information you should provide in your initial contact:

• Location / Address of Event**
• Site Capacity
• General Admission or Numbered Chairs?
• Event Date
• Event Name and Description
• When would you like to go out to sales?
• Price of the ticket(s)
• Contact name, number and email address

** Some places have an exclusive ticket contract. We recommend that you contact your place if you have an existing agreement of tickets sale.

We will contact you within two business days after the receipt of this information. Email us now at

Has your question not been answered?
Contact Us
If your question has not been answered, please be sure to first reference Help - Frequently Asked Questions. If your question remains unanswered, please complete the contact form and soon Tu Boleta will endeavor to contact you.

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